An annual prototype-a-thon for NYC's Civic Hackers

It is time for our annual spring weekend hack weekend - #CodeAcrossNYC! You must register at

On 22 & 23 Feb, we will double down on our open government advocacy and work with Manhattan Borough President, NY City Council members, and Community Boards to build useful tools on top of NYC's open data. 


We need New York’s civic hackers, mappers, designers, data wranglers, and content editors to make NYC’s open government data useful to government.

For these two days,  

For those of you who are great writers, we are pulling together a tool that will enable City Council members, their staff, and Community Boards search, learn, and empower themselves with OUR tools. This tool will document tech tools and datasets relevant to governing in NYC.

Prizes will be awarded to the best prototypes. Awards will be announced later.

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Eligible applicants must be a team or individual that is physically present at the event and substantially contribted to the submitted project during the event.


You should submit an image and description of your project on this challengepost site.  You will have the opportunity to present your project to the hackathon before voting begins.

How to enter

To enter, simply submit your project via this challengepost challenge.


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Noel Hidalgo

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Civic App Awesomeness
  • Creative Use of Open Data
  • Visualization of NYC Open Data
  • User Experience
  • City Council/Community Board Utility
  • Citizen Engagement